Workshop Objectives

For parents who recognize the importance of their children’s manners, this interactive program focuses on up-to-date dining skills which build self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others. This fun and informative workshop includes a practical luncheon tutorial and a comprehensive workbook for each student to keep as a reference guide.

What Your Child Will Learn

  • Taking your seat and napkins
    • The proper way to approach your seat and taking the exit.
    • The correct way to pick up your napkin and where to position it between meals and after meals.
  • Posture at the table and excusing yourself
    • Correct posture at the table.
    • How to excuse yourself from the table with courtesy.
  • Continental Style of Eating
  • Silverware savvy
    • The correct way of securing your knife, fork and spoon.
    • The correct ways of placing your silverware when you are cutting the food, eating the food, resting or after the meal.
    • The correct way of handling your bread and butter.
    • The correct way of handling your dessert.
    • The correct way of handling your finger bowl.
  • Place setting maps
    • Formal place settings for 3 and 4-course meals.
  • Dining Dos & Don’ts
    • Etiquette to observe at dining table.