In the past few years, increasing attention has been given to “business niceties”, those little things denoting class and style. In fact, etiquette has become as integral to a professional image as technical knowledge. Not only does it make for a nicer work environment, but it also pays off in promotions and raises.

Civility is a power tool that gives a cutting edge to companies who look increasingly to those men and women who possess soft skills. In other words, knowing proper etiquette in today’s business arena means getting more business for the company and increasing your chances of moving ahead.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “The company doesn’t care if I know anything about business etiquette. All they care about is whether I do a good job, right?” Wrong. Class – how to get it and how to use it – is the hot topic in corporations worldwide. And it’s something that top management keeps in mind when promoting employees to key positions – particularly those positions involving interaction with persons outside the company.


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