Upgrade your frontline people with the necessary skills to handle any customer and provide the best service anyone has to offer in town! This 4-hour seminar provides skills that can be implemented immediately to help you project the right image and impress your customers.

Seminar Objective The image you project will be the “first impression” given to the customers / clients / business partners. Having the right image will impress them and draw their attention right away, melting any of their apprehension and meeting their expectations. Part One: Fashion Sense

  • Your Image is Showing
    • First impressions
  • Plan your Career Wardrobe
    • Basic Career Wardrobe
      • Traditional Business Attire for Men / Women
      • Combining ties, shirts, pants, suits for maximum visual impact
      • Clothes to suit different women body proportions
      • Business Casual Attire for Men / Women
      • Guidelines on shoes, socks, belts, watches, handkerchiefs, briefcases and other accessories for Men
      • Guidelines on shoes, pantyhose, jewellery, belts, briefcases and other accessories for Women
  • Dress Codes
    • Formal and Informal Dressing
      • White Tie
      • Black Tie
      • Black Tie Preferred / Optional / Invited
      • Formal / Informal

Part Two: Personal Grooming

  • Detailed descriptions for improved outlook:
    • Hair
    • Hair color
    • Teeth
    • Hands and Nails
    • Skin Care
    • Fragrance

Part Three: Colors

  • Psychological Association of Colours
  • Colour Tips to help you project your professional image
  • Selecting the right colours for you 
  • Colour Coordination
  • Guiding principles to harmonizing colors
    • The Color Wheel
  • Colour to project professionalism and confidence

Part Four: Make-up and Skincare (additional 3 hrs) • Live make-up demonstration and use of skincare products • Hands-on session for all participants