(How to present yourself with confidence and authority)

In a rapidly expanding global economy, executives at all levels need to distinguish themselves from the competition. This seminar provides the tools that give you an advantage in situations where business can be promoted or conducted. The one-day seminar includes a 4-course tutorial luncheon guaranteed to heighten your dining skills!

Seminar Outline

Benefits of Etiquette & Protocol Intelligence

Etiquette and protocol intelligence will distinguish you from the crowd. While this unique intelligence alone may not get you anywhere, it will give you an edge that will make the difference between you and another person who is just as smart!

Business Entertaining

  • Extending Invitations
    • Things to consider when extending an invitation or accepting an invitation.
    • Protocol to observe when canceling an invitation.
  • Receiving Lines
    • When is the receiving line important for the host?
    • What should you do at the receiving line?
    • Who should be at the receiving line?
  • Host Duties
    • Steps to follow when organizing a proper business luncheon, eg. Choosing the restaurant, table, how to greet your guest, how to extend your hospitality, etc.
    • Protocol to observe as the host.
  • Guest Duties
    • Etiquette to observe to be an appreciative and cooperative guest.
  • Seating Guidelines
    • How to seat all your guests correctly at a business meal.
  • Taking your seat and napkins
    • The proper way to approach your seat and taking the exit.
    • The correct way to pick up your napkin and where to position it between meals and after meals.
  • Host and Guest-of-Honour Duties
    • Types of formal toasting by the host.
    • When should the formal toasting be done?
    • When should the guest-of-honour return the toasting?
  • Toasting
    • How to do a proper and good toast?
  • Posture at the table and excusing yourself
    • Correct posture at the table for American and Continental styles of dining.
    • Protocol to observe when excusing yourself.


  • Styles of eating
    • 2 universally accepted styles of eating – American and Continental.
  • Silverware savvy
    • The correct way to secure your knife, fork and spoon.
    • Correct ways of placing your silverware when you are cutting the food, eating the food, resting or after the meal – American and Continental styles.
    • Handling the silverware for a very formal business meal.
  • Place setting maps
    • Formal place settings for 4 & 6-course meals.
  • Dining Dos & Don’ts
    • Etiquette to observe at dining table.
  • Eating various foods
    • Ways of eating various types of foods

Today, more than ever, your people skills play a huge role in helping you reach your professional goals. Some of the pertinent points to remember to tell you apart from your competition!

  • Eye Contact / Eye Signals
    • Various eye signals for business and social environment.
    • How to maintain correct eye contact.
  • How to make an entrance and leave a lasting impression
    • How to make an effective entrance when attending a function.
    • How to make your presence known and leave a lasting impression.
    • How to prepare yourself before the function.
  • Improve Mingling Proficiency
    • How to improve your small talk ability.
  • Handshaking
    • Various ways of handshaking that reveals your personality.
    • Power points for handshaking.
    • International ways of handshaking.
  • Introductions
    • How to introduce yourself with confidence and authority.
    • Protocol for business introductions.
    • Formulas for proper formal and informal introductions.
  • Remembering Names
    • Formulas for remembering names.
  • Business Card Protocol
    • How to present the business card.
    • How to make your business card an effective visual communications package.